5 Benefits of Line-Dancing for your Physical and Mental Health

11th July 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC June 2024 Newsletter

1st July 2024

Admin and marketing assistant vacancy

27th June 2024

Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust Carers Event

27th June 2024

5 Benefits of Bachata for your Body and Brain 

27th June 2024

Volunteers’ Week 2024

27th June 2024

Keep Dancing Acocks Green – Dance Class for Older Adults 

10th June 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC May 2024 Newsletter

1st June 2024

5 Benefits of Jazz Dancing For Your Mind and Body

23rd May 2024

Keep Dancing Quinton – Dance Class for Older Adults

13th May 2024

Keep Dancing Bentley Heath – Dance Class for Older Adults 

13th May 2024

Keep Dancing Sutton Coldfield Tea Dances 2024

6th May 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC April 2024 Newsletter

29th April 2024

5 Benefits of the Viennese Waltz   

25th April 2024

Activities for Older Adults in West Bromwich 

3rd April 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC March 2024 Newsletter

28th March 2024

Carer Support Sandwell

28th March 2024

5 Benefits of Disco Dancing 

21st March 2024

Volunteers Wanted

19th March 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC February 2024 Newsletter

29th February 2024

5 Benefits of the Twist to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

26th February 2024

Carer Support Birmingham

26th February 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC January 2024 Newsletter

1st February 2024

5 Ways the Rumba Can Benefit Your Mind and Body

1st February 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC December 2023 Newsletter

1st January 2024

5 Benefits of Ceilidh Dancing

1st January 2024

Xpress-Yourself Dance November Newsletter 2023

30th November 2023

5 Benefits of Indian Dance for Health and Wellbeing

30th November 2023

October Newsletter – Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC – Issue 10

31st October 2023

Dance classes for carers

4th October 2023

5 Benefits of Freestyle Dancing

10th September 2023

Dance classes over 60’s

9th September 2023

5 Benefits of Greek Dancing

22nd July 2023

5 benefits of dancing the Foxtrot

28th June 2023

5 activity ideas for care homes

23rd May 2023

Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions 

17th May 2023

Free dance classes for seniors

16th May 2023


9th May 2023

Adult Dance class Sutton Coldfield

27th April 2023

Adult Dance class in Acock’s Green

26th April 2023

Adult Dance class in Shirley

21st April 2023

Adult Dance class in Moseley

20th April 2023

5 benefits of line dancing

14th April 2023

Adult Dance class Quinton Birmingham

13th April 2023

Fun afternoon at Building community together tea dance

31st March 2023

Activities for older people Sutton Coldfield

30th March 2023

5 benefits of Salsa

30th March 2023

5 Benefits of Cha Cha

24th March 2023

What are the benefits of dance?

26th February 2023

Benefits of dance

30th January 2023

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC 2022

16th December 2022

Alzheimer’s Society Elf Day – Xpress YourElf 2022

13th December 2022

5 Benefits of Tap Dancing

29th November 2022

Dance classes Walsall

1st November 2022

5 Reasons to Rock N Roll

27th October 2022

Tea Dances

26th October 2022

Arts In The Yard Dance Garretts Green

30th September 2022

5 reasons to Tango

30th September 2022

Disco Dancing – What are the 5 benefits of Disco Dancing?

16th August 2022

Birmingham 2022 Festival – Moor Pool Hall Presents Keep Dancing for the Commonwealth Tea Dance and performance

29th June 2022

5 ways Ballet can improve your balance

29th April 2022

5 benefits of Waltz

31st March 2022

5 benefits of Keep Dancing

31st January 2022

What a difference a year makes.

8th December 2021

Fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society

30th November 2021

Challenge your balance

29th June 2021

Xpress-Yourself, one year on.

15th March 2021

Keep Dancing Coffee morning

9th February 2021

How to reintegrate care home residents back into the care home after isolating.

26th January 2021

Online dance classes

20th January 2021

Seated Cha Cha Cha

14th January 2021

Sister’s dancing together through lockdown

13th January 2021

5 Free activities for care homes

6th January 2021

Happy Healthier New Year

4th January 2021

Xpress-Yourself 2020

19th December 2020

Keep Dancing Non-Traditional Tea Dance 2019

19th December 2020

Seated dance for care home monthly video subscription

15th December 2020

I danced my socks off for the Alzheimer’s Society.

9th December 2020

Connecting families this Christmas

26th November 2020

Alzheimer’s Society Elf Day 2020

18th November 2020

Dance workshops for care homes

12th November 2020

Top tips for planning workshops for people living with Dementia?

10th November 2020

What are the benefits of Keep Dancing?

5th November 2020

Ideas to keep moving during lockdown.

5th November 2020

Keep Dancing

29th September 2020

Why is your balance so important?

29th September 2020

Keeping Strong and Steady

10th August 2020

Magic Moments

30th July 2020

Non-Traditional Keep Dancing Tea Dance 2020

30th July 2020

The exercise TV Times

27th July 2020

Xpress-Yourself 2016 – From me to we

1st July 2020

How dancing stopped me feeling like an old lady

1st July 2020

Keep Dancing Cheswick Green on the move!

1st July 2020

Chris and Caroline Wedding Dance to Just a Kiss

1st July 2020

Goodness Gracious Ed Balls on fire

1st July 2020

Christmas Care Home Entertainment West Midlands

1st July 2020

Congratulations Faye O’Connor

1st July 2020

Activities for older people

1st July 2020

Wedding Regrets

1st July 2020

Sugnall Walled Garden Autumn Wedding Open Day

1st July 2020

Choosing the right wedding suppliers

1st July 2020

Adult dance class Marston Green

1st July 2020

A poem about Dementia

1st July 2020

Why Care Homes should be Dancing

1st July 2020

Community First Funding

1st July 2020

Keep Dancing

1st July 2020

Excellent Customer Service

1st July 2020

Magic Moments

1st July 2020

Try something new. Dance!

1st July 2020

Keeping the children quiet at your wedding

1st July 2020

Low impact senior dance for beginners – Free

18th May 2020

Keep Dancing From Home FAQS

10th May 2020

Happy Birthday Colonel Tom Moore

6th May 2020

Xpress-Yourself 2019

19th December 2019

Keep Dancing Non Traditional Tea Dance 2019

18th December 2019

Dance classes helping to tackle loneliness

18th December 2019

Xpress YourElf 2019

10th December 2019

Dancing is the best medicine

16th July 2019

Activity Providers Care Homes, West Midlands

15th April 2019

Activities Older Adults, Sandwell and Dudley

14th April 2019

Activities Older Adults, Solihull

14th April 2019

Activities Older Adults, Walsall

14th April 2019

Activities Older Adults, Birmingham

12th April 2019

Activities Older Adults

12th April 2019

Chronic Back Pain

28th February 2019

Keep Dancing

30th December 2018

Keep Dancing Christmas Parties

23rd December 2018

Exercising with Arthritis

2nd November 2018

Exercising with Arthritis

2nd November 2018

Keep Dancing

19th October 2018

Dance in Hospitals

16th October 2018

An afternoon with the Birmingham Royal Ballet

18th September 2018

Over 50 Dance Class Worcester

22nd August 2018

Keep Dancing Tea Dance

22nd July 2018

One You Walsall

2nd July 2018

My Time Active Sandwell

2nd July 2018

Adult Dance Classes Wordsley, Stourbridge

12th June 2018

Over 50 Dance Class Quinton, Birmingham

11th June 2018

Ageing Well in Birmingham Event

24th May 2018

Hooked on Dancing!

22nd March 2018

Adult dance class Harborne

16th March 2018

Dancing makes you smarter

1st February 2018

Joe McFadden oldest dancer to ever win Strictly Come Dancing.

18th December 2017

Helping your parents to overcome loneliness – When They Get Older

27th November 2017

Strictly’s, Debbie McGee, first celeb to receive perfect score

5th November 2017

Dirty Dancing at 30

24th September 2017

Older Adult Dance Class Bentley, Walsall

19th September 2017

Benefits of Dance for Older People

15th September 2017

(BUDS) Better Understanding of Dementia for Sandwell

14th September 2017

Meaningful Activities in Care Homes – West Eaton Nursing Home

25th July 2017

National Citizen Service – Powered by The Challenge, Keep Dancing Experience

24th July 2017

Adult Dance Classes Bentley Heath, Solihull

20th July 2017

Dance Magic Dance, The Courtyard Hereford

11th July 2017

Dancing With Dementia

11th July 2017

Stonebow Unit, Hereford

11th July 2017

How to keep the elderly hydrated

20th June 2017

Adult Dance Classes Birmingham

8th June 2017

Dance Workshops for Schools West Midlands

19th May 2017

Adult dance classes

3rd May 2017

Care home activities West Midlands

3rd May 2017

Dance and Dementia

13th April 2017

Adult Dance Classes Shirley

13th April 2017

Adult Dance Classes Sutton Coldfield

12th April 2017

Adult Dance Classes South Yardley

12th April 2017

Adult Dance classes West Bromwich

12th April 2017

Can I dance if I have arthritis?

31st March 2017

Celebrating St. Patricks Day at West Eaton Nursing Home

30th March 2017

Reduce back pain by improving your posture

14th March 2017

Dancing with the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Cafe

9th February 2017

Smile, its free therapy

5th April 2016

6 reasons why your toddler should be dancing

5th April 2016