Adult dance classes

Xpress-Yourself delivers weekly Keep Dancing dance classes for older adults around the West Midlands. Keep Dancing is the dance class designed specifically for the over 50’s. It’s a dance class that allows for adaptations and considers ageing bodies. The whole point of the class is to learn dance routines from around the world, meet new people, keep moving and most importantly have fun.

Keep Dancing over the years has given people who would never ordinarily class themselves as a dancer the opportunity to enjoy dance, meet new people and improve their physical fitness. Often our dancers will tell us of how their strength, flexibility and balance has improved and for most a weekly dose of giving their laughing muscles a workout is why our dancers come back week after week.

Many different dance styles are covered including Ballroom Dance and Latin American Dance but you don’t need a partner. All dances are choreographed so that everyone can learn independently so you don’t have to worry about treading on any ones toes or not getting the opportunity to dance.

Many people who have arthritis come along to our classes and inform us that because Keep Dancing is low impact it does not further aggravate their arthritis but in fact helps to keep them fit and agile.

So you really are never too old to dance!

You never have to miss a step with Keep Dancing as all our Keep Dancing classes learn the same routine for a whole month so that if you cannot make one class you are welcome to visit another Keep Dancing class and learn the same routines. You might even enjoy the class so much that you come along twice a week!

All routines are taught step by step to give you the chance to ask questions as we go along so that everyone feels a sense of achievement when they have completed a dance routine from start to finish.

So whether you’re a beginner, haven’t danced in a while or dance regularly, Keep Dancing is the perfect class for you.

We’ll even give you the first class completely FREE!

Find your nearest Keep Dancing class here:

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