How dancing stopped me feeling like an old lady

We would like to share with you a fantastic story about how dance has stopped one of our dancers feeling like an old lady.

‘In my early twenties I was very active taking part in keep fit and dancing. I retired at the age of 62 in 2010 and I realised that I was starting to act like a little old lady. I was struggling to get up off the floor and out of a chair.

Eighteen months ago I started to attend Keep Dancing dance classes. The classes have increased my core strength tremendously and I can balance on one leg a bit more now. This year when on the beach I was able to get up out of the beach chair unaided and without much difficulty. I think I have even lost a little bit of weight and my mind has improved as I am starting to remember the routines which I couldn’t do when I first started.

I think the most important thing as we are getting older is to keep moving and as they say on a TV advert when exercise is fun it doesn’t feel like exercise!’

With very special thanks to Rosalyn Holland for sharing her story.