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Whether you work in a residential or a nursing home you are required to have an activity programme in place that is stimulating, person centred and meaningful. Your activities should aim to promote engagement and enjoyment, offer opportunity for individuals to gently move and stretch, encourage social interaction and stimulate the brain.

With many different individuals to cater for all with different life experiences and interests this is no mean feat and sure enough you won’t always be able to please everyone. Although remember it is the small things that are often the most significant when working with the elderly and particularly those living with dementia.

We know that you are always looking for something different and that something that is special. Have you ever considered booking a dance workshop?

Dance workshops in residential and nursing homes can be very beneficial. They have the potential to help individuals remember dancing days gone by, move and stretch without having a focus on exercise, play, relax and socialise. Most importantly dance workshops can maintain or improve an individual’s health and well being, promote a sense of belonging and support and encourage engagement and laughter on and individuals own terms.

Our inclusive dance workshops in residential and nursing homes have proven to be very popular and have offered opportunities for all individuals of all abilities to dance in their own expressive way. We work non-verbally so that language is not a barrier for those who are hard of hearing or confused by language which ensures that we facilitate a no wrong approach.

This means that we don’t overload residents with instructions and if they join in they join in authentically and most importantly on their own accord. This also means that all residents are valued; the individual who enjoys listening to the music whilst tapping their foot occasionally, the individual who is mobile enough to get up and have a dance in the middle of the living room, the individual who enjoys watching everyone else participate or the individual who sits there with their eyes closed moving in their own way to the music. During the session for us everyone’s a dancer no matter what their ability.

Enquire about a dance workshop in your care setting by emailing:

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