Hooked on Dancing!

Having put on a considerable amount of weight in the last couple of years, being the wrong side of ten stone and having inherited osteoarthritis from my lovely Mother, I’m not as sprightly as I once was. Then, as if things weren’t bad enough, I developed pain and severely restricted movement in both arms, which is still being investigated. As an ex Nurse, I understand the importance of keeping joints moving, but my problems make it difficult.

Just after Christmas I saw a video for Xpress-Yourself on Facebook and despite being the worst dancer I know and having the coordination of a small stick, I decided I’d give it a go.

So, off to Darlaston Methodist Church. I went (a great venue by the way) and was welcomed by the group and the lovely Reanne.

When the dancing began, Reanne made sure we were aware that we should only do what we were capable of and alternative moves are often given for those who may find certain moves difficult.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am loving it!

The music chosen for the dances and warm ups are about as varied as they could be, from Frank Sinatra to Glen Miller to Olly Murrs!

The steps are broken down into easily learn-able chunks and are repeated as often as is necessary in order to master the dance. Reanne is very professional- she starts on time and ends on time; she’s genuine, friendly and a great instructor.

The group are also very warm and welcoming and we share common ground – not actually being great dancers but willing to learn and have fun… and it IS fun. We laugh as we try and sometimes get it wrong and we feel satisfied and proud when we get it right; and of course memorising the dances are helping to keep the cerebral cogs turning nicely!

Since beginning dancing I’ve surprised myself with my newfound ability, I’m remembering the dances more easily, my arms haven’t seized up and my bad knee doesn’t seem so bad lately.

If we attend for 6 consecutive weeks we’re rewarded by the 7th week free which is a bonus, but I need little persuasion – I’m hooked!

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