Dance classes over 60’s

Dance classes over 60’s

Dance classes over 60's

Dance offers numerous physical and psychological for adults over 60. For instance, dance is an effective way to stay active and improve cardiovascular health. Additionally, dance can help counteract age-related muscle loss, enhance balance and coordination, and promote flexibility. Dance can also foster social and emotional connections among older adults; joining a dance group can be a fun and fulfilling experience that helps combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. Moreover, dancing can keep the brain active and engaged by stimulating memory and concentration; learning new dance steps and routines is an excellent way to boost cognitive function and reduce mental decline.

If you are interested in taking a dance class, Line Dance, Sequence, and Ballroom & Latin classes are popular and usually easy to find locally. At Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC, our classes cover these dance styles and more, such as Tap, Salsa and even Greek Dancing. In addition, our Keep Dancing classes teach the same routine for an entire month. This means that if you miss one class, you can attend another Keep Dancing class and still learn the same routine. Our classes cater to older adults and do not require a partner, as routines are designed for individual dancing. We teach routines step-by-step and provide ample opportunities for participants to ask questions during the class. Our classes are available in various locations across Birmingham, Solihull, Sandwell, and Walsall, so you can easily find one near you. If you cannot find a class nearby or prefer to dance from the comfort of your home, we also offer weekly online dance classes. You can find our class timetable and book one of our classes here

Please note that these low-impact and gentle classes are suitable for those with arthritis and related conditions.

If you’re above 60 and are searching for an enjoyable way to stay fit, make new friends, and keep mentally agile, then Keep Dancing is the class for you!

We look forward to welcoming you to a class near you soon!

For more information about Keep Dancing please read our blog the 5 benefits of Keep Dancing here and follow Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC on our Facebook page for up-to-date details of all things Keep Dancing.