6 reasons why your toddler should be dancing

Have you ever had the pleasure of witnessing a toddler just moving to music for the sheer fun of it. They twirl, jump, smile and their eyes glisten with glee. Well here are our 6 reasons why toddlers should be encouraged to dance in no particular order.

Encourages physical activity

In a time where toddlers can operate computers much better then we can it is also time to give them the time to be physically active. Our bodies were made to move in order for us to develop and grow and what better way to get hearts beating then dancing. Dance works on developing strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina and if participated in regularly with a balanced diet can help to curve that problem of childhood obesity.

Promotes self-expression

Toddlers can struggle to find the words to express how they are feeling. Dance is a form of non-verbal communication which means that it inclusive for toddlers of all abilities. Children learn through experience and dance provides play opportunities to express emotions and to learn about feelings.

Sets behaviour boundaries

Turn taking, sharing and waiting are all part of a toddler’s life whether they like it or not. A frustrated toddler can as we know result in tantrums. Toddlers can get frustrated with one another because of not being able to express themselves verbally. Dance is a discipline and dance sessions are often structured with a beginning, middle and end which can help children to feel safe. Dance sessions also offer the opportunity to be impulsive but also to listen and follow instructions.

Encourages Social Activity

Toddlers vary in their sociability just as their parents do. Some toddlers will be happy to be surrounded by playmates whereas others will struggle to be part of a group. Dance encourages children to work in groups, make new friends, build trust with new people and the opportunity to observe one another’s actions and learn.

Develops literacy skills

Toddlers take time to process new words and to retain new words in order to develop their vocabulary. Dance offers repetition which means that the same words will be used over and over again, helping children to link words with movements. Learning language and learning dance can support toddlers communication and understanding.

Improves brain functioning

Toddler’s brain development is at its optimal growth during their first years of life. A toddler is at the stage where they are starting to think and feel for themselves. Simply listening to music can have a positive impact on a toddler’s brain functioning as they start to hear different beats and rhythms making them develop a sense of their surroundings. Dance can be playful therefore encouraging the toddler to have fun and discovery. Surely the fundamental thing about dancing toddlers is that they are learning whilst having fun!

It’s time to get your toddlers dancing!