Dance Workshops for Schools West Midlands

Are you struggling to think how you are going to cover a topic or theme creatively?

Every school must promote the cultural development of pupils and celebrate diversity within societies. Dance is referred to as a universal language and countries all over the world have traditional dances. Although dance is much more than just movement as it can help explore migration, wars, and political and societal changes of the people who perform them.

We could work we you to broaden the minds of your pupils and teach them how to identify specific countries and cultures from their traditional dances. For example, African dances or Indian dances have styles that make them readily identifiable, as do other cultural dances from across the globe. So why not transport your pupils on a dancing adventure around the world?

Of course themes are not limited to Around the world you could always explore your classes favourite story through dance and movement.

Do you want to encourage your pupils to be more physically active in their learning?

Dance offers the opportunity for your pupils with kinaesthetic learning styles to really flourish as their learning experience is stimulated through embodying the information. Learning about how the heart works through dance and movement could be a much more memorable experience for your pupils and help their memory recall. For those pupils who struggle with maths dance by numbers could encourage a more positive experience for your pupils and could encourage to achieve a more sophisticated level.

Would you like to give your pupils the opportunity to build better relationships with their peers?

Dance is a social activity that is incredibly effective in terms of social-emotional development. Dance is inclusive and so every child no matter their ability can move in some way and it is non – discriminate of children from different social backgrounds and ethnicities. Dance can unite pupils as they learn to move together.

Do you dread the word dance when you look at your curriculum?

If you are not confident in standing in front of your pupils and teaching them to dance then ultimately your pupils will not be motivated to join in. By engaging a dance artist you can step back and watch your pupils engage in dance and movement with confidence or even join in and let your pupils know that is absolutely acceptable to be creative and expressive.

Faye O’Connor Dance works with schools to provide dance workshops that are the perfect dancing and learning experience. Our workshops are perfect for all your curriculum needs as well as for arts week and prices start from £250 per day.

Contact us to find out how we can work with you to create stimulating lessons that really engage your pupils.

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