Try something new. Dance!

As New Year approaches we all start to make New Year’s resolutions, one of the main resolutions being to get fit. Before you go and sign up for a year’s gym membership where maybe the only guaranteed loss of pounds will be of those coming out of your bank why not consider taking a dance class.

Let’s face it if you are going to stick to this resolution you need to be motivated and you will be motivated if you are having fun. By the way it is completely fine to associate exercise with fun, it should not have to be a chore! If it is fun you are looking for dance could be your answer!

Dance can be accessible for everyone so if you think that perhaps you are too old or have two left feet please do not let that put you off! It is the responsibility of the dance teacher to be creative, adapt and overcome whilst you work towards finding your feet.

There is much evidence on how dance has many health and wellbeing benefits including of helping to combat social isolation as naturally you start to meet new people. Dancing can improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance, fitness and help to prevent falls. Dance can also improve your brain function on a variety of levels, lowering your chance of a diagnosis of dementia.

So whether you fancy learning a tango ,revisiting those Salsa steps that you learnt on your last holiday, taking centre stage and learning some moves of the great Fosse, learning to step in time in a line dance or just having the opportunity to move and shake what your mother gave you, give dance a chance.

Everyone’s a dancer!

Faye O’Connor