5 reasons to Tango

5 reasons to Tango
5 reasons to Tango

5 reasons to Tango

Dance can bring many health and wellbeing benefits to everyone no matter their age or ability. Different dance styles can bring with it different physiological, cognitive and emotional benefits. In this blog read about our 5 reasons to Tango.

In September Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC introduced the Tango to our Keep Dancing dance classes. Tango is one of the most fascinating of all the Ballroom dances and the most sensual Ballroom dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early twentieth century. The tango dance is usually a partner dance performed by a man and a woman, expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. Find out more about Tango here.

Like with all Keep Dancing dances however our Tango was taught with no need for a partner, but we always have an imaginary partner in Bob. Our Tango was danced to Cell Block Tango by Tony Evans Orchestra so certainly had all the drama.

Like with all types of dance the Tango has many benefits to reap for the participant. Here are Xpress-Yourself Dance’s 5 reasons to Tango.

Xpress-Yourself Dance 5 reasons to Tango

Improves balance and stride

When dancing the Tango there are many steps that require you to walk backwards. Walking backwards can improve your posture and balance. The Tango works your muscles and joints in a different way to walking forward working the muscles in the back of the legs harder which is important for maintaining the knee joint.

Many steps in the Tango can be found in standard neurological rehabilitation programs: forward, backward and side-to-side weight shift; one-legged stance; walking on a straight line both backwards and forwards; increasing step length in all directions; and turning within a narrow space. Walking backwards can also improve your sense of spacial awareness and also increase your heart rate quicker than when walking forwards.

Improves Ankle mobility

Since there is no rise and fall or swing in Tango, most forward steps are Heel. Stepping forward on the heel is an unusual way of travelling and so ensures good ankle mobility which can lead to keeping dancers stronger and steadier on their feet.

Promotes Brain activity

The rhythm and syncopated timing of the tango is also good for sharpening the brain and because you have to multitask to remember the sequence of steps and execute the correct footwork this can work towards improving memory.

Cardiovascular workout

The intensity of dancing the Tango can be changed so that your heart experiences exertion. Some steps of the Tango will be slow and others quick which can be similar to that of the Fartlek training and encourage strengthening and conditioning of the heart muscle.

Promotes a feeling of social satisfaction

The Tango can also provide an opportunity to feel a sense of unison and social satisfaction. Learning any dance with others promotes a sense of connectedness and understanding with others. Thus decreasing feelings of isolation. When everyone stomps their feet together at the same time or remembering the sequence you can feel a sense of achievement and purpose.

However, for many of our Keep Dancing dancers dancing to Cell Block Tango from the musical and film Chicago has definitely been a mood and confidence booster.

Xpress-Yourself Dance run Keep Dancing dance classes across the West Midlands and online. Keep Dancing dance classes suitable for those over 50 with no need for a partner. Whether you’re a beginner. have danced before or haven’t danced in a while Keep Dancing is the perfect dance class for you. You will learn dances from around the world with no partner required.

Variety is the spice of life and actually we as human beings thrive on variety. This is why Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC Keep Dancing dance classes change our music playlist, dance routines and styles of dance each month to offer you variety. A variety of dance styles taught mean that you as the participant will gain a variety of health benefits. Keep Dancing classes are known to improve balance, stamina, cognitive thinking, coordination, strength and mobility all important factors for healthy ageing. 

Keep Dancing dance classes can help to improve your health and wellbeing, keep you strong and steady and also encourage healthy ageing. Keep Dancing classes run in Aldridge, Acocks Green, Shirley, Marston Green, Bentley Heath, Harborne, Moseley, Quinton, Sheldon, Garretts Green, West Bromwich and Sutton Coldfield. Booking in advance is essential, however you can book your dance class each week s if you can’t attend one week you don’t have to book.

You can book your Keep Dancing class here 

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