Alzheimer’s Society Elf Day 2020

This year to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society Elf Day Faye O’Connor, company owner of Xpress-Yourself will be taking part in a 24 hour danceathon from her kitchen. Last year, Xpress Yourself raised £750 by asking all their dancers to come along to their Keep Dancing dance classes dressed as elves and donate. They came ,they conquered and had a great time doing so.

This year has been very different and our classes have moved online, Keep Dancing From Home with fewer dancers to when we dance in our halls. However determined to match the funds raised last year and some, Faye will be dancing for 24 hours in Kitchen live on Xpress-Yourself Facebook page . Faye will kickstart her 24 hours on Friday 4th December, (Elf Day) at 10am with Keep Dancing From Home Greatest Hits class and dance until 10am on Saturday 5th December.

Faye will be joined by other dancers along the way and has invited our Keep Dancing dancers to join her for a class 08:30-09:30 on the Saturday morning to spur her on as she nears the end. Faye will be teaching some dances, hosting a kids dance party and also delivering a workshop to carehomes across the country on Zoom .

To support Faye as she completes her XpressYourElf challenge you can donate here