What are the benefits of Keep Dancing?

Keep Dancing classes have been running for several years, across Birmingham, Solihull , Walsall and Halesowen. Keep Dancing is low impact dance class that teaches a variety of dance styles with no need for a partner,.  

Given that our dancers had continued to come back to class week after week we have always just presumed that they enjoy our classes and that our classes have value. During the first lockdown whilst some of our dancers continued to dance with us online, many took a break. When the first lockdown was eased it felt like an opportunity to find out how dancing online had benefitted our dancers and whether the dancers who did not dance with us noticed any significant impact on their health and wellbeing.  

Overwhelmingly our dancer’s responses were very positive about our Keep Dancing classes and how they are helping them to age well. The survey informed us that classes have helped our dancers to;  

  • Improve and maintain their strength and balance  
  • Make new friends  
  • Boost their mood  
  • Learn new dance styles  
  • Revisit dances they have learnt before  
  • Keep their brain active  
  • Maintain heart health   
  • Improve health conditions like osteoarthritis   
Keep Dancing Aldridge

Interestingly dancers who continued to dance with us throughout the first lockdown said that our Keep Dancing From Home classes: 

Something to really look forward to, which brightens up the day!

I have also very much enjoyed the “Greatest Hits” session on Fridays – a brilliant idea!

Survey participant, October 2020

Gave focus to the week. Kept in contact with dancing friends who I wouldn’t have seen. Had lots of laughs of laughs & giggles – a real boost. And of course enjoyed the dancing :).

Survey Participant, October 2020

Continued exercise – not good at taking exercise without a fixed time slot.

Something to look forward to and mark the passage of time.

Short chat with others.

Survey Participant, October 2020

If you did not attend your class online during lockdown did you notice a difference in your overall health and wellbeing?

More lethargic than normal. Missed not following my good weekly routine I had built up since retiring.

Survey Participant, October 2020

Depressed and less fit

Survey Participant

Gosh yes. I missed the new routines, the fun, the laughter, learning something & the sense of achievement.

Survey Participant, October 2020

See the reasons why our dances keep coming back to our Keep Dancing classes below 

Read our full survey report here . Keep Dancing classes are now running online throughout the second lockdown.