National Citizen Service – Powered by The Challenge, Keep Dancing Experience

At the beginning of July 2017 our Keep Dancing Marston Green dance class were joined by young people from The National CitizenService (NCS), The Challenge. The young people came along to take photographs of the dance class to help develop their skills for work.

We originally thought that the young people would come along to take photographs although to our surprise and delight the young people also ended up joining in with the class which really enhanced our experience. This also meant that the young people learnt a jive and a quickstep really showcasing that ‘everyone is a dancer’ and it created a fantastic inter-generational dance for all.

Xpress-Yourself are so pleased that the feedback from everyone involved was really positive.

‘What a lovely experience! The NCS students and the Keep Dancing dancers shared movement, laughter and photography. The students joined in with the dancing, standing side by side with the dancers in the group. Everyone felt at ease and enjoyed an hour sharing a fabulous experience.’

Faye Hadley

Xpress-Yourself Community Dance Artist

‘The feedback when the group came back was incredible. Thank you so much for having the team.’

Julia Nolan

Assistant Programme Manager

The Challenge

‘Fabulous class yesterday. Full of surprises. Fantastic fun!’

Shirley Shakespeare

Xpress-Yourself Dancer

‘The group who came to our class really connected with us, not at all patronising but interested in how the dancing made us feel, they also seemed to enjoy joining in learning the routines with us.’

Barbara Hall

Xpress-Yourself Dancer

On the 7th July a showcase of the photographs were presented at MUATH TRUST, The Bordesley Centre, Birmingham. Take a look at some of the photographs taken of the class:

Xpress-Yourself are so grateful that we were approached by Marston Green Parish Hall to participate in the opportunity as it felt like an opportunity that really brought people from different generations together to enjoy dance. We would like to thank our dancers for being such good sports and joining in and we would also like to give special thanks to all the NCS students for coming along and taking great photographs and we wish them all every success for their future.

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