5 benefits of Salsa

5 benefits of Salsa

5 Benefits of Salsa
5 Benefits of Salsa

Dance has many benefits for participants health and wellbeing and it is great way to stay active not matter what your age or ability. In fact dance is a great way to help us all age better. Find more information about dancing in later years here.

Salsa is a fun style of dance that has a party feel and the ability to promote all of the above benefits. In this blog we will highlight the 5 benefits of Salsa.

Salsa originating in Cuba at the end of the nineteenth century with roots in Afro-Cuban rumba and danzon. It evolved and moved through the Caribbean islands notably in Puerto Rico and Dominica before being taken to New York, where it was popularised. Salsa is a partner dance which movement rotates in a figure of eight with prominent hip movements with footwork requiring quick foot changes of direction, turns, spins and constant weight transitions, salsa has many variations in style.

Salsa became popular in the 1960’s and some of the dances which have influenced or have been incorporated into salsa include mambo, cha cha cha, Cuban son, pachanga, swing, hustle, jazz, and Afro-Cuban rumba.

Salsa has become very popular since it famously featured in the1987 film, Dirty Dancing staring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Unlike dances crazes such as the twist which was immensely popular in the early sixties, Salsa remains popular today. Here are Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC 5 Benefits of Salsa.

Improves Ankle Mobility and Strength

If you are dancing a toe heel step when dancing salsa you are working your ankle joint incredibly hard thus improving the flexibility of the ankle joint and its surrounding muscles and tendons and therefore improving the range of motion. When your ankle is flexible, you have a greater range of motion during your activities. Many steps when dancing salsa encourage you to constantly transfer your weight from one foot to the other like when you dance a cucaracha dance step. Transferring your weight from one foot to another helps to build bone density and also strengthen the ankle.

Improves balances

When you dance salsa you should be standing tall with your shoulders relaxed. Good posture can help to improve your balance. Some Salsa steps are quick and require you to be able to transfer weight from one foot to the other quickly. This challenges your balance and when you challenge your balance you improve your balance and confidence.

Builds endurance and stamina

Salsa can be one of the fastest paced social dances so it is a great way to get your heart beating faster. Salsa music typically ranges anywhere from 150 BPM (beats per minute to 220 BPM. It has been found that moderate-intensity dancing has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular death. 

Improves stress levels

The fast pace of Salsa makes it a fun style to learn. Dancing can replace stress-hormones with pleasure hormones like endorphins and serotonin. Dancing relieves stress with these feel-good compounds, which counter the mental effects of stress by helping you view normally stressful things in a more positive light.

Strengthens muscles

When you dance salsa you have to balance yourself in numerous positions, which strengthens your stabilizer muscles, while protecting your core and keeping you less prone to injury in your daily lives. Dancing the salsa also aids in coordination and helps strengthen your reflexes. It is a great way to keep your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system in tip-top shape by improving the connection of your bodies to your mind.

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