Fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society

Fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society

For the last couple of years Xpress-Yourself Dance fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society. Xpress-Yourself have chosen to fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society by taking part in the Alzheimer’s Society Elf Day Campaign.

Elf day is a day in December where the Alzheimer’s Society encourage groups and organisations to dress up as an Elf to help fundraise so that the Alzheimer’s Society can support people and their families living with dementia.

Why do we choose to fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society?

According to Alzheimer’s Research UK, 1 in 3 people born in the UK this year will develop dementia in their lifetime. This incredible statistic that means if we don’t personally get dementia we will probably know someone living with dementia at some point in our lifetime.

From a listening ear on the phone, to a visit in person. From practical tips and advice, to opportunities to connect with others. Alzheimer’s Society is here for you – no matter how you need them..

The Alzheimer’s Society not only offer support services, they campaign to challenge and change the issues faced by people affected by dementia and also research the disease.  

For many years Xpress-Yourself Dance have delivered dance sessions for dementia cafes with the Alzheimer’s Society and saw first-hand the benefits of such support services.  Their has always been a warm welcome, a smile and a hot cup of tea for everyone who walks into the space and you often feel like you have walked into a little community.

The 1 in 3 statistic rings true as everyone on the Xpress-Yourself team have been touched by dementia in that they know someone living with dementia or have known someone who has lived with dementia. We know that this is also true for our participants who attend our Keep Dancing classes as often participants give generously to help us fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society, hoping that their donation makes a difference.

The Alzheimer’s Society Elf day or Elf week in our case as it runs across all our Keep Dancing classes. We call the week Xpress-YourElf. We invite all our participants to dress up as an Elf and make a donation to the charity. It promotes a sense of shared community as all our Keep Dancing classes across the West Midlands get involved and never fails to bring some festive merriment to us all at the end of the year. 

Fundraise for the Alzheimer's Society
Fundraise for the Alzheimer's Society
Fundraise for the Alzheimer's Society

To donate click here.  

For further information about Dementia read the Alzheimer’s Society ‘Five things you should know about Dementia’

Should you need support to help care for someone living with Dementia please visit Dementia Action, Alzheimer’s Society BUDS (Better Understanding of Dementia)

If you would like to find out more about Xpress-Yourself Dance and our dance workshops for people living with dementia, suitable for dementia cafes, hospital wards and care homes please click here.

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