Wedding Regrets

From This Dance Forward asked Mr and Mrs Richards, a couple of newly-weds their top three regrets about their wedding. Here’s what they had to say:

We wish we had hired a videographer

We look back on our wedding day with great fondness and we still here stories that we were not aware happened but we just wish we had all our wedding captured on film and that we budgeted for a videographer. The moments of our flower girls and page boys running down the aisle before me, the speeches that brought tears to our eyes and laughter to the room, the hilarious dance moves that our guests busted but now deny all knowledge of, are all memories that were sadly not captured on film which could have been watched over and over again.

We wish we had taken wedding dance lessons

So we were that couple that danced, (well you can barely call it dancing), the hugging shuffle for our first dance. We clung on to one another awkwardly, shuffling around the dance floor, trying to avoid a trip on my dress for the longest three minutes of our life, whilst our friends and family gathered around the dance floor watching us. If only we had taken a few dance lessons so that we knew a dance hold and few steps that would have given us the confidence to move from the spot and not shudder with embarrassment looking back. We honestly thought that on the day the steps would just come to us and we would just know a dance. Guess we never really credited the years of dedication that dancers put in to their training so that they just know what steps go to what song without thinking. Maybe for those three minutes it was a good thing that we never had our wedding filmed!

We wish we had not worried so much

So we enjoyed our wedding we really did but we just wish that we had not of worried so much. We spent one whole evening on the run up to the wedding with our wedding party tying ribbon around napkins, not one person commented on how lovely they looked on the day and it really wouldn’t have changed the feel of the day at all. We put that much pressure on our day being perfect that there were moments of not feeling well during the day and we both had got the point of wedding burnout. At the end of the day our wedding guests were there because they loved us and wanted to celebrate with us not judging whether it was a good wedding or not. If we got married again we would have a more go with the flow approach.

Happy wedding planning, remember it is your day, you will only do it once, be happy don’t worry!