What are the benefits of dance?

Benefits of dance – find out three brilliant benefits of dancing the Paso Doble.

What are the benefits of dance? In this blog find out the benefits of dance and specifically the benefits you may experience when dancing the Paso Doble.

It is well documented that the benefits of dance are vast for health and wellbeing and different dance styles have different benefits for participants.

Variety is the spice of life and actually we as human beings thrive on variety. This is why Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC Keep Dancing dance classes change our music playlist, dance routines and styles of dance each month to offer you variety. A variety of dance styles taught mean that you as the participant will gain a variety of health benefits. Keep Dancing classes are known to improve balance, stamina, cognitive thinking, coordination, strength and mobility all important factors for healthy ageing.   

In February Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC introduced Paso Doble to our Keep Dancing dance classes. 

Benefits of dance

The Paso Doble, or Paso Doble, is a Latin ballroom dance echoing the Spanish Flamenco. “Paso Doble” may have originated in either France or Spain—the term “Paso Doble” means “double step” or “two-step” in Spanish—as the briskly paced Paso Doble music accompanied the fast steps of a military march in both countries. The dance also has connections to bullfighting: Fast-paced Paso Doble music originally served as an introductory theme for Spanish bullfighters entering the ring. The movements of the matador and the bull inspired the dance, according to Spanish legend.

Unlike other dances, the lady must keep her attention on the man at all times so that she can properly represent the cape used in the bullfight by the matador. However she must be strong and confident in her own sensuality, and full of wisdom.

Find out what the benefits of dance the Paso Doble brings to our lives.

Encourages Emotional expression

The Paso Doble is an exciting dance that can be fun and encourage you to feel strong. The music is usually powerful and dramatic which can also evoke feelings of, defiance and triumph leaving you feeling energised. Appel (stomp) is one of the most effective actions of Paso Doble dance and is one of its characteristic features. The movement which represents the moment when torero gets the attention of a bull. Stomping can actually make you feel grounded and release feelings of overwhelm. Throughout the dance there are also opportunities to be strong, fluid and soft  giving you time to explore a range of emotions.

Furthermore when a group of people like our Keep Dancing classes stomp together, it can feel quite unifying strengthening social bonds with all participants.

Improve your thinking

Paso Doble requires technical precision. Throughout the dance technical precision is required as heels are used for forward walks and your weight needs to be in the right place. Walking with your heels leading can take practice as it is different to our usual walking pattern. This requires the brain to create new neurons when practicing the step and therefore can improve your ability to think.

Build confidence

When you are dancing you are constantly watching for the bull and therefore your have to embrace internal barriers, hold your shoulders back standing tall, with your eyes forward. When you stand tall you actually feel more capable and it can give you more confidence in your own thoughts. So the nature of Paso Doble is definitely a dance that can leave you feeling as though you can take on the world.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of dance for you why not find out more about our Keep Dancing dance classes. Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC Keep Dancing dance classes run across the West Midlands and online. Keep Dancing dance classes suitable for those over 50 with no need for a partner. Whether you’re a beginner. have danced before or haven’t danced in a while Keep Dancing is the perfect dance class for you. You will learn dances from around the world with no partner required. Keep Dancing dance classes can help to improve your health and wellbeing, keep you strong and steady and also encourage healthy ageing. 

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