Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions 

Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions 

Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions 
Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions 

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC run weekly Keep Dancing dance classes. Keep Dancing is a dance class suitable for older adults and classes run across Birmingham, Solihull, Sandwell , Walsall, and online. Keep Dancing classes have been running since 2013. At our Keep Dancing classes you will enjoy a gentle warm and you will learn different styles of dance. You will learn dances from around the world with no need for a partner. Here are our answers to Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions .

Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I book and pay for the class before? 

Our places are limited and so we ask you to book your place before the class to ensure the class is not oversubscribed allowing you to dance comfortably.  Your payment before the class secures your place.  

Do I have to book for the month or term in advance? 

No. You can book each week and so if you can’t make it one week you don’t pay for a class that you wont be attending.  

Can I pay cash for my class? 

No. For insurance purposes and the safety of our freelance team we do not accept cash payments.  To pay for your class you make an online bank transfer or send a cheque.

Can I book for someone else?

Yes. Please either book in the name of the person you are booking for or add their name in the notes and book 2 places if you are booking for yourself and your friend.

Do I have to book my class every week? 

Yes. If you are planning on dancing, please book your place through the website to ensure that you have a place.  

Can I get a refund if I cancel the class? 

No. If you cancel the class, you will not get a refund and you will not be offered the option to transfer. At the point of cancellation your order has been processed and it is often too late to resell the place. All our classes are non-refundable, face to face and online.  

If Xpress-Yourself Dance cancel a class, will I be informed? 

Yes, an email will be sent before the class and updates posted on our Facebook page @Xpre55Your5elf  

What will happen to my booking if Xpress-Yourself cancel a class? 

You will be contacted and your booking will be transferred to the next available date you can attend.  

Why are some Keep Dancing free and others different prices? 

Xpress-Yourself Dance is CIC which means we are eligible to apply for funding. The classes that are Free or at a reduced rate are as a result of successful funding applications. When funding is not assigned to a class the class will cost £5.50.  

Will all Keep Dancing classes be learning the same routines?  

Yes. All Keep Dancing classes start learning new routines on the first week of the month and have the same playlist and routines to learn. However our online Greatest Hits class will teach you popular routines from previous months. 

Can I attend more than one Keep Dancing class a week? 

Yes. Some people choose to attend more than one class a week, particular our face to face classes and our Greatest Hits online class.

If I can’t make my usual Keep Dancing class can I attend another class? 

Yes. You are most welcome to attend another class and you will always be given a warm welcome, please ensure you book your alternative class in the same way through the website.  

Can I dance if I have arthritis?

Yes. Read our blog about how dance can be beneficial for you if you have arthritis here

How can I further support Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC? 

Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC is a micro social enterprise and always fundraising to support the continued running of all Keep Dancing classes.  You can support us by following us on our social media platforms Facebook : @Xpre55Your5elf Instagram: xpre55your5elfdance YouTube: @XpressYourselfKD Twitter @XpressYourself1  

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If you still have questions after reading through our Keep Dancing Frequently asked questions please send us an email

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Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions
Keep Dancing Frequently Asked Questions