Dancing with the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Cafe

We wanted to share with you the absolute joy we experienced when delivering a dance session for one of the Solihull Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Cafés.

The group who were mostly men delighted in their dancing experience even though at the mention that there entertainment would be dancing their reluctance was very apparent.

Once the music started to play everyone sat up and started to clap their hands, look around the room whilst smiling and for the whole session they were captivated. Some getting up and enjoying a Waltz others sitting tall in their chairs and singing their hearts out to songs from back in the day and the rest of the group just enjoying the experience of moving, mirroring and connecting.

Our sessions always feel special and work towards promoting engagement and enjoyment but this session felt particularly special, perhaps it was because of how big the group was, or the fact that everyone was engaged or perhaps it was the initial worry that the initial reluctance would mean no one even giving it a go at all. Whatever it was it felt like magic and an absolute joy to have given the experience of dance to the group.