Celebrating St. Patricks Day at West Eaton Nursing Home

We are fortunate enough to visit West Eaton Nursing Home on a monthly basis to deliver Dance Magic Dance sessions. The residents look forward to seeing us as we very much look forward to seeing them.

It just so happened that in March they booked us on St. Patricks day and we thought that it would be great to combine the celebration of St. Patricks day with the Dance Magic Dance session.

When we arrived each dancer (resident) was presented with a paper sham rock flower badge and and as the activity coordinator, Rita Graham handed each dancer one, each resident sat taller in their chairs as they felt part of something. It also gave them reason to chat to other residents sitting near to them. Such a simple idea was so effective!

When planning the session we thought about how to bring in St Patricks Day to our workshop, we dont at all claim to be any good at Irish Dancing but what better way could their be then to dance the Riverdance. As a special treat we took in a piece of plywood which actually doesn’t sound that exciting but accompanied with tap shoes and the song of the Riverdance, the dancers were mesmerised.

As our sessions are about encouraging residents to move authentically we handed out handmade taps and plastic trays and watched as each resident danced their own seated version of their own Riverdance. It was really quite special and the smiles on the faces of the residents was a delight to behold.

Through working in partnership with Rita at West Eaton Nursing Home all of the dancers were engaged in a meaningful activity whilst celebrating their St. Patricks Day. New memories were made and every dancer enjoyed having the opportunity to dance in their own way and just enjoy living in the moment.

With great thanks to West Eaton Nursing Home for all of their continued support.