Non-Traditional Keep Dancing Tea Dance 2020

Friday 24th July was host to our Non-Traditional Keep Dancing Tea Dance, this year hosted online on Zoom, possibly the world’s first online tea dance. This year the theme was 1920’s with a competition for the best Flapper Girl head piece and my goodness our dancers did not disappoint. The effort from everyone was exceptional!

‘My highlight of my week was the tea dance. ‘

Ann Hill

As part of the ticket this year dancers had an additional Keep Dancing From Home lesson to practice three dances, our jazz danceto Sing, Sing Sing, our Jive to Hit the Road Jack and our popular lockdown swing routine to Hey Now. Danced below.

Thank you very much for organising the tea dance. I very much enjoyed it!

Christine Blythe

The winner is ….

Congratulations to Alison, who was awarded the winner of the best flapper girl headpiece. What was most lovely that their was a beautiful story that went into the making of it. The flower, was picked fresh out of Alison’s garden, the embellishment was from an old dress and mos lovely of all the feathers were found when she had been to feed the ducks with her grandson.

All that Jazz quiz

Whilst we got down to the real business of the tea dance, drinking tea and eating scones, we hosted an All that Jazz quiz which was actually hilarious and very competitive. Thank you to Lucy who leaped out of her chair to demonstrate what a Par De Chat step was, of course meaning Step of the cat.

Our Keep Dancing dancers are never ones to shy away from a dancing challenge and everyone stepped up for our Charleston Challenge this year. With only minutes to learn the steps and moments to wait until they joined in, every one joined in.

‘Thanks for the tea dance it was wonderful’

Lynda James

With our events it is only afterwards that you find out what impact you have made. This year was special, really special. Read about our Magic Moments here.