Adult dance class Marston Green

Adult dance class Marston Green

If you are looking for an adult dance class in Marston Green then you might want to consider Keep Dancing Marston Green . Keep Dancing is a weekly dance class suitable for people who are over 50. The classes are low impact and teach dances step by step and our friendly professional teachers are always happy to teach a step over and over again.

You can join one our adult dance class in Marston Green Keep Dancing Marston Green at Marston Green Parish Hall that runs on a Thursday 13:15-14:15. The class is £5.50 per session and if you use the code NEWDANCER you will pay just £1.50 for your first class. Booking is essential and you can book here

Xpress-Yourself Keep Dancing dance classes have been running since 2013 and run across the West Midlands and many our dancers have been dancing with us for a number of years, testament to the success of Keep Dancing. Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC have run an adult dance class in Marston Green since 2014.

A reason for Keep Dancing’s success is the variety of styles of dance taught which always offers participants a new challenge. Variety is the spice of life and actually we as human beings thrive on variety. This is why Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC Keep Dancing dance classes change the music playlist, dance routines and styles of dance each month to offer you variety. A variety of dance styles taught mean that you as the participant will gain a variety of health benefits.

Keep Dancing classes are known to improve balance, stamina, cognitive thinking, coordination, strength and mobility all important factors for healthy ageing .One of our dancers has told us that she can get up and down the stairs with greater ease just as a result of dancing once a week.

“Dancing is great for maintaining strong bones, improving posture and muscle strength, and increasing balance and co-ordination. It’s also a brilliant way to meet new people, helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation.”

Alexandra Denning-Kemp, senior specialist physiotherapist at Guy’s and St Thomas’

Read the full article The scores are in: London hospital helps older patients to keep dancing here

Whilst variety is important for our Keep Dancing classes the same dances are taught across all classes at the same time and across the same month. This allows to build the movement memory of the routine in the body and most importantly build the confidence of the dancer so that when they dance the whole routine, they feel a great sense of achievement.

Keep Dancing gives you a feel good factor and all participants are supportive and encouraging of one another so if you are a complete beginner or you have danced before you will be made to feel welcome.

Styles of dance you may learn at a Keep Dancing class may include, Jive, Bhangra, Ballet, Line Dancing, Salsa, Paso Doble, Disco, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha just to name a few. You will be taught be professional dance artist and you will not need a partner to dance with. All keep dancing dances are choreographed so that you can dance solo.

Every Thursday at Marston Green Parish Hall a group of lovely people meet and swap their roles as mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, carers etc to become dancers. They partake in gentle dance exercise which gets there bodies moving, their brain thinking, there smiles to widen and often walk out the session much taller.

Xpress-Yourself’s Keep Dancing class has been running in Marston Green since September 2014. To name just a few routines that the group have learnt include quick stepping to Paloma Faith, jiving to Jive Bunny and the Master mixers and freestyled to I love to boogie.

It has benefited my health and confidence I have met many other dancers who have become friends which makes the classes something to look forward to each week

Keep Dancing Particpant
Adult dance class Marston Green
Adult dance class Marston Green

For more information about Keep Dancing read our blog the 5 benefits of Keep Dancing here

When I first start learning the routine, I always think to myself I will never get this. But with patience from my teacher and practice from me over the month I get there and feel amazing when I dance the whole dance from start to finish. It gives me such a feel-good factor

Barbara Hall

Keep Dancing Marston Green provides opportunity to meet new people and enjoy good company and comrade. Keep Dancing Marston Green are well known for having great fun each week. Here is a photo of the group at Christmas in 2019 when they were raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society Elf Day.

Adult dance class Marston Green
Adult dance class in Marston Green

I always feel good after a dancing session. It has improved my mental health .I have made new friends and enjoy meeting up with them each week. I find dancing brilliant exercise as I don’t like going to the Gym or other forms of exercise. I have found that my clothes have been feeling looser and have I gone down a dress size since dancing restarted after lockdown.

Keep Dancing Participant

Keep Dancing Marston Green has been running since 2014 and runs at Marston Green Parish Hall. The church has a car park on site if you are driving.

Whilst Keep Dancing Marston Green paused during lockdown many participants continued to join us online every week. Find out more about our online dance classes here.

If you would like another adult dance class in Marston Green to launch and specifically one of our Keep Dancing classes please do get in touch.

I really enjoying attending Keep Dancing. A great bunch of people and a lovely teacher to.

Janet Rosser

Our adult dance class in Marston Green, Keep Dancing runs at Marston Green Parish Hall , Elmdon Road, Marston Green, B37 7BT

Booking in advance is essential and you can book here

Keep Dancing classes run in Aldridge, West Bromwich, Shirley, Marston Green, Bentley Heath, Harborne, Moseley, Quinton, Sheldon, Garretts Green Sutton Coldfield and Acocks Green. Booking in advance is essential as places are limited, however you can book your dance class each week so there is no obligation to book for the month or term.

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Watch what you can expect from our adults dance in classes Marston Green here

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