Why the Waltz?

Why the Waltz? 

Many faces were left puzzled this month when dancing our Waltz inspired routine, different timing different directions and different footwork.  

So why did we choose to teach it? 

Well firstly we like to make sure a variety of dance styles are covered in our Keep Dancing dance classes and we also like to make sure you feel challenged. The Waltz in particular is a difficult dance because of the 3/4-time signature and the change of directions. However, both of these combined ensure the brain involves all the brain functions simultaneously – from musical and kinaesthetic, to rational and emotional. 

Whilst challenging your body it is also good to challenge the brain. However, it certainly took its toll on the arms, shoulders and calf muscles all important to keep us strong and steady. All important for healthy ageing. Although holding the dance frame with an imaginary partner is always something that makes us smile and some imaginary partners get taller, smaller, wider and some partners are just completely dropped to the floor.  

Actually, watching dancers float across the floor with a heel lead and rise and fall has been rather lovely to watch especially when on week one puzzled faces are what looked back at us.  

Hopefully now you feel a little bit smarter and stronger and like you can float across the dance floor next time you waltz.  

Keep Dancing!


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