Pancake Day

Pancake Day Activity Ideas

Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday this year falls on Tuesday 16th February. If you are an activity coordinator for a care home and looking for additional activities to plan alongside the making, flipping and of course eating of pancakes than look no further as we have a few suggestions, all activities can be done one to one or as part of a group.

Shopping List

Write out the shopping list with your residents ask them what you will need to make pancakes. This could easily then become a memory recall game, I went to the supermarket and brought a lemon and then the next person repeats lemon and adds an item of their own and so on and so forth. Before you know it you have accumulated a long list of shopping to buy.

Higher or lower

Once the ingredients have been brought why not encourage your residents to participate in a game of higher or lower, is the price of flour higher or lower than the price of milk. Great for the residents who are competitive and a great way of informing your residents of current prices to keep them informed what is going on in the inside world.

Making pancakes

If you have the facilities to do so why not make the pancakes in front of your residents, so they can enjoy the spectacle of watching their pancakes been cooked and flipped. A great activity to create a talking point for them all and could well be a reminisce activity of remembering pancake days when they were younger or making pancakes with their children.

Lemon Printing

Keep the lemons that have been juiced and use them to print with. It will really get all the senses stirring the smells and the touch of the lemon and potentially some beautiful artwork created in the making. Perfect for the more tactile of your residents.

Lemon Printing


As a relaxation exercise to finish the day why not give your residents a couple of clean cloths each and put some music on in the background, Wear a smile, Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra is a good one. Encourage them to improvise with their movement cleaning the surfaces, gently swaying from side to side. tap their feet .Some may sit and fold their cloths and enjoy the music. If you want to get your residents moving, be prepared to move as well and whilst you will be leading with movement take away the temptation of talking and directing what movement comes let allow for some authenticity. Maybe residents will mirror your movement and your can mirror their movement back to them.

See below for a short example.

For more information about our dance workshops please contact us.

Hopefully their is some activity inspiration for you to make more of your pancake day to make sure your residents have a flipping good time!

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