Keep Dancing. It leads to other things.

Keep Dancing is a dance class suitable for older adults that runs on a weekly basis, where participants can book as they dance. Whilst dance is very much at the heart of everything we do we are proud that our classes help to drive social change for many of our participants.

Building good relationships with our participants is key and this evident in that many of our dancers have been attending our classes since the early days back in 2013. In the nine years we have been running classes we have welcomed people who have lost spouses to come and find a new sense of belonging, watched friendships form amongst participants that have extended further than just seeing one another at the dance class, continued to be the friendly face that people looked forward to seeing during lockdowns, provided a place for people who are not so confident to fall in love with dancing, and created a community where we all laugh together when we just can’t remember what step comes next.

Really we should mention the health benefits of our classes, participants have reported feeling stronger and steadier, have been able to reduce their medication , experienced less aches and pains and feeling good after class.

Furthermore we have worked with other organisations like Birmingham Royal Ballet and Building Community Together to create memorable and enjoyable experiences for participants. We have also fundraised over £3000 for the Alzheimer’s Society over the last three years with our Xpress-YourElf campaign. We have an exciting project lined up to provide another shared experience for willing participants and we are super excited!

Whilst Keep Dancing is just a dance class, it really can lead to other things. All credit goes to the Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC team who bring the smiles and enthusiasm every week.

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