Five reasons to Jive

Five reasons to Jive

Jive is a very happy, energetic dance, with plenty of knee-lifting, bending, and rocking of the hips. The Jive is the fastest of the Latin dances and the dance jive incorporates lots of kicks and flicks, even doesn’t move around the dance floor like other dances.  Here are our five reasons why Jive dance is so good for you.

Variety is the spice of life and actually we as human beings thrive on variety. This is why Xpress-Yourself Dance CIC Keep Dancing dance classes change our music playlist, dance routines and styles of dance each month to offer you variety. A variety of dance styles taught mean that you as the participant will gain a variety of health benefits. Keep Dancing classes are known to improve balance, stamina, cognitive thinking, coordination, strength and mobility all important factors for healthy ageing. 

In July we introduced Jive Dance to Keep Dancing. A fun style of dance that encourages fast feet, an opportunity to challenge your balance and listen to fun peppy music.  

Improves ankle mobility. You may be partial to a back replace when jiving and this step requires your ankle to be doing a lot of work transferring the weight of the foot to another.

Improve your agility. Transferring your weight from one foot to another on all of those chasse’s can improve your agility.

Improve your alertness. The jive is fast paced and so you have to be thinking ahead of what step is coming next and if you miss a step it can through your Jive can become quickly out of sync.

Challenges your balance. Jive requires many kicks and flicks and every time you kick one foot your are challenging your balance to keep you strong and steady. Also every time you stand on one leg your ankle joint strengthens.

Boosts your mood. The songs you dance jive to are usually peppy and fun to dance to which always will lift your mood and make you smile.

Keep Dancing classes run across the West Midlands and are dance classes suitable for those over 50 with no need for a partner. Whether you’re a beginner. have danced before or haven’t danced in a while Keep Dancing is the perfect dance class for you. You will learn dances from around the world with no partner required. You can book here 

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