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Mother’s Day

Care home residents will be allowed to have a regular indoor visitor from 8 March as part of the government’s plan to ease lockdown in England. One nominated person will be allowed to visit someone in a care home, but must take a coronavirus lateral flow test before entry and wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This may mean that some children may be able to visit their mother’s living in care homes this year for mother’s day this year on Sunday 14th March, although with restrictions of one nominated person to be able to visit this will not extend to all children.

Here we share some ideas on how activity coordinators and care teams can ensure that mother’s day can still be celebrated for mother’s living in care homes.

If your care home has a policy with incoming mail having to be quarantined for 72 hours previous to being opened make sure all families if not already aware are reminded to make sure their mother can enjoy opening their card or gift on the day.

You could work towards creating shared virtual experiences by encouraging families to share their mother’s favourite pastimes on a phone call or video call. For example if their mother enjoys listening to a particular piece of music this could be played down the telephone and both parties could just sit and listen to the music and enjoy being present in the same moment together.

Brilliant Little Boy Playing Chess with His Distant Relative or Uncle, Uses Laptop for Video Call. Remote Online Education, E-Education, Communication with Family, Homeschooling.

Although if your resident prefers a good game of chess why not encourage all parties to play a game virtually over Zoom. You could ask the family to send in a chess board and purchase one for themselves and play the game together in real time. The resident may need support in having the other chess pieces moved so the games mirror so may require one to one support. This could work with card games and other board games to.

If your resident is a fan of literature perhaps encourage their family to read to them an except of their favourite story or poem down the phone to them, thus creating another meaningful memorable shared experience.

Mom poem print, mothers day

It is also important to remember that not everyone is a mother, but everyone has, or has had, a mother and this to should be celebrated.

Mother’s Day brings about many emotions, specifically for those who have lost their mother or a child. Honour them this Mother’s Day by helping your residents to create cards or write letters for lost loved ones. Once made the cards could be displayed if the resident feels it appropriate or both the letters and cards sealed in an envelope with ribbon wrapped around and hung on a tree inside or outside so that they know their loved one has been remembered with highest regards,

The act of writing a letter to a loved one who has passed can be powerful. It stimulates touch and sight sensors and involves concentration, thinking, and memory.

You could also take time to remember with your residents, smells, songs, food that remind them on their mother. This could be a two part activity where you take time to find out what smells, foods and songs that remind them of their mother, and then source their suggestions ready to present to them another time. This could be an activity that offers sensory stimulation and help your residents relax and improve their overall mood and self esteem.

Carbolic soap often brings back memories of mothers for many older people.

Maybe all the lovely memories and words shared could be then be collated and written into a group poem.

Your residents of course deserve to be spoilt on Mother’s Day why not work with your catering team or with your residents if permitted to make some scrumptious chocolates using this Ice Cube Tray Chocolates , find a recipe here .

Ice Cube Tray Chocolates

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