Activity ideas for care homes

Afternoon at the races

You will need: Inflatable dice , a big space

This would be a great group activity and hopefully offer enjoyment and engagement for all . Ask a couple of residents if they would be happy to take part in a race, set up a little race course in a big safe space and invite other residents to an afternoon at the races. The roll of the dice will dictate how many steps the resident needs to take and different residents can be responsible for rolling the dice.

If residents needs persuasion to take part, of course the staff can get involved and lead the way.

Giant Jenga

You will need: Giant Jenga , a big space

This would be a great group activity and the Giant Jenga would be a great focal point in the middle of a living room. To limit how many people are touching the blocks (during Covid), perhaps residents could direct staff what block they want to be moved and still enjoy the excitement of whether there block will keep the tower strong or make it collapse.

Why not write questions on the blocks to spark conversation amongst the group, i.e

Do you like watching TV?

Have you eer danced all night long?

Do you like to sing?

Have you ever sang on Karaoke?

Ask the write questions and it could help you plan future activities!

Target practice

You will need: vest with velco and cotton balls

This will get you all laughing and moving. Anyone willing to have hall cotton balls thrown at them will be up in the centre, consider residents mobility do you they have agility and balance to move safely but this would be a great physical activity that would would improve hand eye coordination and get those stomach muscles working.

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